Trading Guidelines
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Intraday Trading Guidelines


We want to explain some trading guidelines, Please implement our trading guidelines.

Trade management is more important than successful trading tips.

  • Please place stoploss orders in trading system not in your mind, without stoploss don't trade its nothing but suicide attempt.
  • Trade all our tips, do not select our tips. If you have Rs.50,000 rupees, non risky traders fix your each trade value as Rs.25,000(50% value of your cash), risky traders fix your each trade value as Rs.50,000(100% value of your cash).
  • Small difference is common, you can execute trades with small difference, do not look for exact recommended entry prices and target prices.
  • book 75% quantity at first target then change stoploss to actual recommended price for remaining quantity, place first target order in advance, some times price come and go very quickly. Execute trades very quickly price movements are very sharp in intraday.
  • Maintain all trades equal value not equal quantity. If your each trade value is 1 lack, all trades should be 1 lack value only, if you maintain all trades value same then only your profits and losses will be balanced.

    One example: if you purchase 100 unitech shares at Rs.40(trade value Rs.4000) and if you purchase 100 dlf shares at Rs.300(trade value Rs.30,000). Assume 2% stoploss for both companies, if stoploss triggered in dlf and 2% profit in unitech, unitech profit Rs.80 only and dlf loss Rs.600, your net loss will Rs.520.

    If you follow our guidelines (Maintain all trades equal value not equal quantity), you will get 2% profit in unitech and 2% loss in dlf then you need not to loose your money, that's why we are strongly recommending all trades value should be equal value not equal quantity of shares.
  • If you trade all our tips and maintain all trades equal value then only profits and losses will be balanced systematically.
  • Please trade with trading discipline; if we protect our capital with good trading discipline, profits automatically follow otherwise only luck will dominate you. Don’t depend on luck.
Still If you need any further clarifications regarding our trading guidelines,
please call subbarao after 4pm only 09666644888.
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